10 October 2019 fishing report


10 October 2019

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The water temperature in the river this week rose up 25 degrees on some days which slowed the flatties down a bit. 

The good news is that schools of both giant and big eye trevally were around terrorizing the local baitfish and our lures. Trolling pontoon 21 lures along the middle of the deep channels in the river was the most consistent way for us to find these trevally. 

Tim with his first ever trevally

The warmer water also helped the whiting to start hitting our lures and they will become even more vigorous as we go into our summer months.  

The whiting surface bite has started


The Gold Coast broadwater is still the most consistent fishing area for me. I run charters daily anywhere between Sundale bridge and Sovereign Island. There is always fish and squid to be found somewhere in that area provided the wind is light enough to get out there. 

A delicious catch on lures from the Gold Coast broadwater

Again as the drought continues it’s best to fish on a run out tide and deeper areas 6-10 metres when the water is calm and clear.

The Northerly winds pushed in cold water from offshore, but the upwelling also moves nutrients around followed by fish which is a boost for us fishermen.

Doug with a 55cm Giant Trevally from Nerang river, awesome fun on light tackle

I like to mix up lures to keep it interesting and my favourites are Ecogear ZX40, Pontoon 21 crackjack’s, Samaki Vibelicious, and Strike Pro cyber vibes.

Whiting eagerly attack blade lures

It’s often hard to go past the Ecogear ZX40’s in the broadwater, they just catch so many fish and squid, and produce results even on slow fishing days. Sax scent goldprawn goes well too with the prawn imitation shape of the ZX’s.

I usually alternate constantly between UV and non UV colours to find out what’s working best for strikes.

The winter whiting seem to be increasing in size and numbers, possibly due to the nutrients entering the broadwater from the Northerly winds upwelling. Flathead are still around and scattered with the average size on our light tackle varying from 30cm to 65cm lately.

The tuskfish are arriving

There has also been squire, tarwine, bream, flounder, a few tuskfish, and oceanic queenfish falling for teabagged and twerked lures while drifting.

Ian with a 58cm flathead caught on an Ecogear ZX40 and released

Best areas to fish have been between Sovereign and Ephraim, halfway between North and South Currigee, and Labrador to Southport main and Western channel.

Estuary cod caught on hardbody lure

I have some specialised mangrove jack trips coming up so hopefully we find and release some more red dogs to add to the early season tally.

This week features the lead up to full moon next Monday, which should fire up the middle to upper reaches of the rivers and creeks. Some good falls of rain are expected this Friday and Saturday, we gratefully take it! This might cool the water for a few days, but after that it’s go time for jacks.

It’s trevally season

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