13 July 2018 fishing report

Fishing Tip:

At this time of year when the water in rivers is at times very clear, we go looking for relatively dirtier water.

With our preferred fishing style of targeting fish such as flathead by twerking and teabagging blades, gulps and vibes, and trolling hard body lures, we find the baitfish seek refuge in more discoloured water, and the predators follow. Super clear water where you can easily see the bottom results in catches of smaller resident fish, with an exception being tailor surface feeding.

Sometimes fishing a run out tide will provide the desired conditions, or venturing far upstream in the estuaries. Cloudy days can help too at this time of year too, or a windy day making the water surface choppy. Some of the slowest days are in glassed out and sunny conditions.

Lure choice plays an important factor in success too, natural and pale colours will often catch more and bigger fish in winter, unless it is cloudy, choppy, or there is some dirty water from a creek run off, in which case try the more striking and darker colours.

If you find nothing is working well on drifts, try long troll runs to find “nests” of feeding fish then stop and focus on that area. Bigger fish are often feeding nearby smaller fish so don’t leave fish to find fish straight away. The thumper flathead could be dominating the best feeding area metres away from the little rats. Finally remember to choose lures that resemble what the fish are feeding on.

Fishing report:

At the Tweed a bit of rain, and a temperature and pressure drop, along with neap tides slowed things down temporarily but the flathead fishing has been fantastic otherwise, and nice size Mulloway are still falling for soft vibes worked in the deeper holes at Tumbulgum and Murwillumbah.

The tailor are showing up around the entrance to the rivers. Try trolling around the schools with a combination of shallow and deep diving minnows to find the depth they are feeding. No need to use expensive lures as the odd bite off can occur from their razor sharp teeth.

Gold Coast broadwater/ Nerang river continues to produce pan size flathead, bream, flounder, winter whiting, squid. The water has been clear so often a run out tide works best.

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