15 June 2019 fishing report

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This week’s fishing report:

The weather at present is outstanding with cool starts but finishing with fantastic warm windless days. 

It sounds like a cracked record but the flatties are still dominating the catch rate in both the Nerang and Tweed river systems which is not a bad problem to have as an angler. 

Mat with one of many flathead caught trolling Pontoon 21 crackjack lures in the Nerang river
Not be out done by his Dad young Izaac with one of the 11 fish he caught on the day.

There has been a few whiting taking our lures but the size of the fish have not been big as have the bream which have been slow to start this season in both size and numbers. 

If we get some big seas running along our east coast shoreline the swell event will help to get our bream and tailor to enter our rivers, and ignite our winter season into full flight over the next two months. 

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Smithy and Clinto’s tip of the week:

This week’s tip is for the anglers who don’t own a boat. 

When walking along the sandy edges of one of the Tweed and Gold Coast rivers with a lure you will often see where flathead have been lying in ambush on the high tides. 

Flathead are more than happy to move right up into the shallows to wait in ambush and as the tide falls they retreat back into deeper water and leave behind their imprint in the sand or mud. 

If you look at this photo carefully you will see around 11 marks left by 3 different sized flathead. I would definitely cast a lure around this area.   

When you spot flathead lays put in multiple casts in the area and more times than not you will catch the fish that left its trademark imprint.  

This is the imprint of a flathead around 55 cm long that was lying on a slightly muddy sand bank on high tide.

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