11 April 2019 fishing report


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Now that the water temperature has dropped the flatties are starting to fire up in the deep holes and along the shallow sand and mud flats. 

Try using some Ecogear ZX blades and soft plastics in the deeper holes and try trolling some Pontoon 21 crackjack minnows along the shallow edges. 

Remember that the lures must be continuosly tapping the bottom when trolling when targeting flathead.  

Sam with a solid flathead caught at Tweed river

Jai with a barracuda


Some good conditions and exciting fishing at the start of the week before the wind picked up. Good to see the wind forecast to drop as the the week goes on.

A slight drop in the wind today Thursday to SSE 15-20 knots resulted in a good haul at the broadwater for Dave and the boys, on a trip with Michael celebrating his tenth birthday.

Birthday boy Michael with some of the catch for the day on a Gold Coast broadwater charter

In spite of unfavourable neap tides Currigee and Runaway Bay were firing on yabbies, and Ecogear ZX40 blades smeared in Sax Scent goldprawn. 

Fish caught included good size Tuskfish, whiting, squid, squire, flounder, whiptail, flathead, and grassy emperor.

A beautiful Tuskfish caught on an Ecogear ZX40 blade

Bill and his four sons were here for a family reunion and booked a charter on Monday.

We were blessed with near perfect weather and hungry fish, with the boys taking home a beautiful mixed bag of flounder, tuskfish, squid and winter whiting.

They caught over 70 fish for the day and 16 species, releasing heaps. Typical monday conditions and quiet on the water! 

Bill and his sons came fishing on Monday

A tasty dinner for the family

Areas that fished well were Lands End, Runaway Bay, the reef at Currigee, and Biggera waters.

We are entering the typical Autumn fishing phase in the gold coast broadwater and Nerang river, with catch rates and sizes increasing of jewfish, flathead, flounder, tuskfish, arrow squid, winter whiting and many more species.

Lightly weighted yabbies, Ecogear ZX40 blades, and soft vibes are all excellent choices to catch a delicious feed.

With the smaller tides this weekend try fishing in deeper water near the seaway, and around Carters bank.

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