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22 August 2019 fishing report


22 August 2019 fishing report


Hi guys, there is no doubt that the old saying “August is the windy month” is true with Westerlies being the dominant wind . 

In saying this we have had some great weather and the water temperature is on the rise which means i will be starting to do a bit more surface lure fishing in the near future. 

The mound showing on the bottom is all small baitfish. This is what you want to find for success on flatties and jew
Queenfish caught on Ecogear ZX40 lure

We have had the odd bream rise and take the MMD splash prawns and Bassday Sugapens but no luck at this stage getting a whiting or flattie to rise off the bottom. They will with the oncoming summer months. 

Flathead are still dominating our daily catch

The most consistent results have still been coming from trolling the shallows and fishing the bait schools in the deeper holes for flatties. We did get on to a school of trevally, queenfish and tailor over the weekend. Although they were all very small they did provide some fun on light gear. To catch these juvenile size fish is a healthy sign for the waterway with the big giant trevally usually arriving and destroying the bait population from october onwards.         


I noticed the average water temp increasing this week and more bait fish present in the Gold Coast broadwater.

It looks like jack season will start early and  be a good, long one, especially if we get some decent amounts of rainfall in Spring.

A solid Tailor on Ecogear ZX40 blade colour 440
Morning Tailor session in the Gold Coast broadwater

We have been catching tailor, flathead, flounder, the odd squid, bream, tarwine, squire, and a few tuskfish on our charters this week. Our guests have enjoyed keeping a few for dinner, flathead, whiting, squid, and flounder are all delicious to eat.

Dennis with a nice flathead from the Gold Coast broadwater

Best lures have been Ecogear ZX40 colours 440, 447 and 415, as well as Zerek fishtraps in Fat Betty and Olive Guppy colours. It pays to smear a drop of Sax scent goldprawn over your vibes to attract that return bite when fish miss the hooks.

The most consistent spot has been the area between South and North Currigee along South Stradbroke island, in the early mornings.

Smithy and Simon caught a great feed near South Stradbroke island on a charter with Clint

An effective technique when the flathead are spread out like they are now is shallow water trolling. This helps firstly get a few fish on the boat, and secondly if they are schooled up it helps you find “nests” of feeding flathead. You can then stop and cast at them with lures.

Using minnow hardbody lures, tap over and around sandbanks in 0.5 to 2.5m depth at a speed of less than 2 knots. 

Pontoon 21 crackjack 48 SP DR and Ecogear SX48 lures are as good as any at smashing flathead, we have both these lures available in packs at our facebook store here:

We use these particular go to colours every day on our Gold Coast and Tweed river fishing charters.

If you’d like a custom order put together get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Ecogear ZX40 colour 447 works very well in deeper water

The coming week features neap tides so it’s best to focus efforts near the river mouths where there’ll be more run. The reef area between wavebreak island and the Southern end of South Stradbroke island near the seaway is a good spot in these conditions, for snapper, bream and flathead.

Whiting and flathead are both great eating fish, and heaps of fun to catch!

Also try along both edges of the main channel between the seaway and Crab island, and on the edges of weedbeds around Crab island.

Cheers and chat next week,

Smithy & Clinto

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