24 October 2019 fishing report


24 October 2019


This week on the Tweed was much the same as last week with both Giant and Big Eye Trevally on the prowl, and some thumper whiting smashing our lures. 

The trevally have at times been busting up on the surface which has allowed us to cast surface lures at them with the MMD Splash Prawns working well. When the trevally have not been visually spotted we are getting them by trolling Pontoon 21 lures in the deeper channels. 

Giant Trevally caught on a Pontoon 21 crackjack lure

The whiting have been feeding in the dirtier water where we are getting them on the troll with both Pontoon 21 and Ecogear SX48 minnows, and a few casting Ecogear ZX40’s. In between there are also a few flatties around to mix up the species count on the day. 

Les with a thumper whiting caught while on a Tweed river charter with Brad Smith

A summary of some charter option available on our boats over the next few months:

Brad’s boat fishes Tweed river or Gold Coast broadwater/ Nerang river with 1-2 guests. Brad will be targeting big whiting and other species on surface lures. He’ll also be going after flathead and mulloway in the deeper holes with vibes, trolling the flats for trevally, whiting, flathead, bream. 

When we get some decent rain he will start to hunt big mangrove jacks with trolled deep diving hardbodies. A highly effective form of jack fishing he has made an art of over the years. 

Clint’s boat can accomodate 1-4 guests on day time charters, and 1-3 on arvo/ evening trips livebaiting for jacks.

Options include bait and lure fishing the broadwater for an amazing variety of fish and squid, in the area between Southport and Sovereign Island. 

Also fishing Nerang river and it’s lakes and canals with bait and lures for flathead, big whiting, giant trevally, grunter, mulloway. Morning and evening/ sunset trips available.

Plus afternoon and evening charters available targeting the ultimate estuary bucket list fish, the mangrove jacks!

SMS 0432 990 302 to chat about a custom charter for you.


After some windy days yesterday morning greeted us with a light breeze. I had Jay senior and Jay junior on board and it was great to get back out on the Gold Coast broadwater.

With unfavourable lure fishing conditions to start with we first used beach worms for bait, catching whiting and flounder.

When the tide started running in we switched to Ecogear ZX40 vibes coated in Sax Scent goldprawn, and fished the area from the Seaway to Crab island mainly in the six metre depth zone, catching a variety of fish and getting a feed of flathead, squid, and whiting for the boys from Victoria.

A mixed bag from the Gold Coast broadwater, fishing near Crab Island and South Stradbroke island

Best lures for the broadwater now to catch a great mixed bag are Ecogear ZX40 blades in colour 411, 414, and 417 (non UV in clear water and sunny days) and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes which come in an incredible range of deadly colours.

Mint day on the broadwater

On the other days we fished up the Nerang river, covering the ground and working the tides to catch sand whiting, flathead, giant trevally, grunter, bream, tarwine. 

Steve with a nice whiting on a river charter with Clint
Lot of trevally are around in various sizes and will pounce on trolled or retrieved lures

The mangrove jacks slowed down a bit at night with the cooler winds but warmer conditions this week are looking good, especially with the bigger tides leading up to new moon. Whiting will be feeding hard on worms and yabbies when there is flow.

Best fishing is at night in the with the clear water around due to prolonged lack of heavy rain. Try worms and yabbies on a run in tide in the Southport to Capri area.

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