25 September 2021 fishing report & news


25 September 2021

*Flathead main catch

*Ecogear Isome worms catching fish

*Lure tips for flathead classic

*Upcoming charter options

Dad joke:

My partner asked me if I could stop singing Wonderwall

I said maybe.


Brad did one trip to Tweed before another new lockdown in Northern NSW, so I’ll combine our reports for the Gold Coast until the border reopens.

Brad will be fishing Gold Coast estuary waters until then.

To book a private charter with Brad call him on 0419 028 704 around 4-6pm daily

Mixed feed from the wonderful Gold Coast broadwater


Wonky weather again this week with wind from all directions   Fish don’t like sudden change too much so it has been challenging.

We always keep trying and moving until we find active fish in their bite window. The snot weed has mostly cleared which is great to see, hopefully it stays away for the flathead classic.

Neil with a solid flathead caught on Ecogear Balt

Flathead have been the main species caught on our boats this week, with sand whiting, winter whiting, flounder, tailor, squid, blue swimmer crabs, mackerel, and squire making up the rest of the daily catch. 

Flathead fishing at Jumpinpin

There has been a lot of small male flathead, with the bigger girls harder to find. They’ll come on as the water warms again.

The Ecogear Marukyu Isome biodegradable worms have been catching heaps of whiting, flathead, and squire on my charters this week. Not many bream on them which is awesome 

Ecogear Isome worms are very tempting lures
Bruno with a beautiful big blue swimmer crab

They have a number of advantages over similar products, the main ones being that they smell pleasant like berries, they don’t completely dry out, and the packaging is easy to open and seal.

They’re available now here in our store:

Water temperature did creep up to 24 degrees in Nerang river before dropping back to 21 after the Southerly blow.

Flathead classic tips:

The top anglers will know what they’re doing as always, but here’s a few pointers for those that are interested. I’m no flathead expert but my thoughts based on my daily experience on charters.

Jumpinpin mouth

Lures: Flathead grab just about anything when they’re on, but there are lures that consistently produce even on slow days.

The water is very clear too so don’t go too flashy with lures.

Ecogear Balt 3.5 inch in 010 white colour are a very plastic with a big paddle tail. This size will tempt school size flathead and also the bigger girls. Cast it to weed and bank edges and single or double hop and pause/ repeat. Best rigged on a 1/4 oz 3/0 size jighead, a good allrounder for 3-4 inch plastics.

Ecogear Balts are awesome soft plastics for flathead

The colour, glow, and shimmer on these plastics are awesome.

Premium plastics.

Westin Shadteez slim 4 inch in Dirty Harbor, this lovely plastic features our some of our favourite things on lures- olive/ greeny coloured back and orange belly. A paddletail with amazing action, you can feel the vibration when retrieving.

Not a brand we sell but a good one available from tackle stores is Daiwa Bait Junkie paddletail in 2.5 and 3.2 inch in pearl watermelon colour. It’s a cracker on flathead. First ever cast on my boat with one produced a 76cm flathead on top of a shallow yabby bank.

Last but not least is the Fish Arrow J Shad 4 inch SW in Sirasu #100 colour. This beautiful plastic has a flashy foil inserted and transparent body which imitates white bait well. It has a great paddle tail action too, realistic eyes, and soft but holds together well after mutiple flathead bites. #112 is another very good alternative colour.


For flathead the Samaki Vibelicious 70mm forktail is incredible. Ultra short continuous lift and drops while teabagging in water over four metres deep or cast over shallower water will get flatheads attention, of all sizes. Favourite colours when the water is very clear are whitebait and lime crush. For dirtier water try pearl shrimp and ghost bait, and last of run out in muddier water try motor oil uv or ginger squid uv.

The trusty and legendary Ecogear ZX40 blade will also get you plenty of flathead runs on the board.


Pontoon 21 crackjacks SP DR 48, Hurricane Slams 

Many of these lures are available in our online store:


At this stage the first two days of the classic look the best for bites with better weather and almanac, with the third day looking rainy and strong northerly wind.

Go hard on the first two days! Do the miles to get the smiles. No run no fun.


Water quality has improved heaps since the Southerly the other day. A lot of snot weed has cleared, although there is still some coming through on run out tides. It could return in bigger amounts with more Northerly winds.

On the run in the water is crystal clear near the estuary mouths, as clear as I’ve ever seen it due to lack of rain. The deeper water and on top of sand banks are the places to fish near the high tides, then the edges and flats on run out.


Nice friendly tides for the classic! Not too big not too small and all the options possible. This should see some really good catches over the competition. The water temperature will rise to a comfortable level by the first day, stimulating the fish to feed up before their next spawning event on the full moon.


All the possible tactics could work, deep water jigging, casting plastics over the flats and at edges, glide and swim baits over the shallows. Take your pick, the flathead will be schooled up in the mouths, and spread through the lower reaches looking for bait and chasing the females.

Tune in every Saturday morning 5-6am on 94.1 FM when I chat to Paul Burt and give fishing tips on his new radio show.

Charter and store customers sms Clint to get replays of the radio show.

To book a charter with Clint 

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Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

Sunday: 14

Monday: 13

Tuesday: 35

Wednesday: 71- Classic day 1

Thursday: 37- Classic day 2

Friday: 14- Classic day 3

(search “fishing and hunting” on app stores to get the full app)

*This is just a prediction. There are many factors when it comes to fishing and fish are unpredictable at times, there are no exact guarantees. We include this just for fun and see how it plays out every week.

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river: Border closed

Brad on 0419 028 704 between 4-6pm daily for Gold Coast charters.

Gold Coast:

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