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26 October 2018 fishing report

Gold Coast and Tweed river fishing report and tips brought to you by Big Hit Fishing.

This week’s tips:

Attention to detail is vital to success in fishing.

Let’s go through a few small things that make a big difference.

Always check your leader after each fish, flathead can easily cut and rough up leaders. After landing a fish run your fingers along the leader to ensure it is smooth.

If not, cut and retie the lure on. You don’t want to be losing that once in a lifetime fish next to the net because of a leader parting. Plus you’ll also lose an expensive lure, and on top of that the poor fish is swimming away with a lure and hooks in it’s mouth.

Always rinse your lures off under the tap after fishing or they’ll rust and become blunt and weak. If a treble loses a hook, replace it.

Also don’t hook your lures onto your rod runners, hook them either on the side of the runners or at the base of the rod. This keeps the runners smooth, the last thing you want is losing a dream fish because a crack in the ceramic cuts the line.

With hardbodies, always check they are swimming straight, out of the packet, and tune them with long nose plyers by gently bending the tow point the opposite way that they’re swimming.

Tweed river:

Well the rivers have gone from drought to flood, with big dumpings of rain in the catchment, then storms continuing the big wet.

This has made the Tweed muddy but hasn’t stopped Brad getting some thumper flathead, including the 82cm one pictured below by Mike on his birthday.

The fishing will just get better in the coming days with the big flush out we needed. Time to get out there and have lots of fun!

The river mouth up to Chinderah is the place to be for now.

Gold Coast:

Clint has also found some nice fish in the mud up the Nerang river, the grunter and big whiting are usually the first to appear after solid rain.

Young Brett was visiting from New Zealand and caught a 40cm whiting as well as flounder, grunter, flathead, a great feed for his family.

Ecogear ZX40 blades in the metallic colours and coated in Sax scent goldprawn flavour, and Pontoon 21 crackjacks in Spanish Red colour caught the attention of some healthy flathead in the dirty water.

The Nerang river is now filthy after a storm further flooded the catchment, the Broadwater and Southport reaches should really fire up while we wait for the river to clear.

The edges of the main channel near Main Beach and Marina Mirage will produce some nice whiting as well as a variety of other species, especially late afternoon.

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The weather is awesome, come and enjoy some fun fishing with lures, the next few weeks should be action packed.

Smithy & Clinto

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