28 August 2020 fishing report & news


28 August 2020

*Plenty of flathead at Tweed river

*Mackerel mayhem at broadwater

*Barometer and almanac rising this week

Dad joke:

A man walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a drink. The bartender gives him his drink, accompanied by a bowl of peanuts.

To his surprise, a voice comes from the peanut bowl. “You look great tonight!” it said. “You really look fantastic… And that aftershave is just wonderful!”

The man is obviously a little confused, but tries to ignore it.

Realizing he has no cigarettes, he wanders over to the cigarette machine. After inserting his money, another voice emits from the machine. “You BASTARD… Oh my god you STINK… Do you know, you’re almost as ugly as your mother.”

By now, the man is extremely perplexed. He turns to the bartender for an explanation.

“Ah yes sir,” the bartender responds, “The peanuts are complimentary, but the cigarette machine is out of order.”


G’day everyone it is fantastic that the strong west to northwest winds have dropped out and the barometer is on the rise. 

This great weather pattern will really help our catch rate over the coming week ahead. The couple of cooler nights and mornings that we have had over the last few days has dropped the water temperature so the shallow water has been fishing the best. 

Peter with one of the flatties he caught on the day

The shallow water heats up quicker with the sun and the fish seem to move into the warmer pockets of water. A combination of both trolling and casting our lures has produced flatties, bream and the odd whiting and giant trevally. 

Now that we are moving into spring and then summer it won’t be long before we start throwing around our surface poppers on all our trips. 

The trevally have been smashing the Pro Lure d36 lures


The past few days has seen fishing improve after the wind relaxed.

There has been a lot of school mackerel in the main Southport channel, with some bigger ones amongst them biting and busting off lines. They are a lot of fun to catch on light tackle, and love whitebait and small metal lures. Samaki Torpedo V2 20 gram slugs are a great lure to throw for them and tailor too, as they imitate baitfish perfectly. Just throw out into the tide, let it sink to the bottom then crank as fast as you can. The strikes are very exciting.

Toothy mackerel
The Samaki slugs we’ve been catching mackerel on

We have also been catching some tasty keepers for the plate, with flathead schooling up more as well as big flounder, winter whiting, a few squid. Best lures have been Ecogear ZX43 in 402, 404, 440 colours, Pro Lure paddle grub in uv motor oil, and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm in uv squid and whitebait patterns.

Mick caught this school mackerel
A nice mixed bag for our guests on Friday
Freshly caught dinner from the Gold Coast broadwater on Clint’s boat

Best fishing areas have been Ephraim reef, west side of Crab island, and Southport. The snot weed is still bad at times along the Northern channels.

If the weather holds up this coming week we should experience some good fishing looking at the almanac.

Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

Friday: 14????

Saturday: 16

Sunday: 44

Monday: 72

Tuesday: 89

Wednesday: 96????

Thursday: 92????

Friday: 79

*This is just a % prediction. There are many factors when it comes to fishing and fish are unpredictable at times, there are no exact guarantees. We include this just for fun and see how it plays out every week.

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river: fully booked

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Harry with a nice mackerel
Garry caught this big arrow squid


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