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31 August 2018 fishing report

This week’s fishing tip:

The rating written on minnow lure packaging usually portrays the depth they achieve when casting and retrieving.

If you troll the lures with the tide and set them back around 15 to 20 metres behind the boat, you can add a metre or in some cases double their recommended diving depth range.

Using a good quality braid with around .06mm diameter and a very short 6lb fluorocarbon leader no longer than 50cm in length will allow you to get the lure down even further.

Our favourite trolling lures for flathead, bream and whiting are Smithy’s lil mates, Zerek Tango shads, Pontoon 21 crackjacks, Savage gear 3D shrimp xdr, Lively Lures micro mullets, and OSP Dunk if you want to get a small down really deep. (5 metres and possible catch a Mulloway trolling!) Any of these lures are selected by us to use daily based on their own features in the prevailing conditions.

Fishing report:

This week the Westerly winds have been a pain, but we have to deal with what we have and grind out a result for our clients every day.

Smithy has been searching the far upper reaches of the Tweed river, almost at the end of the saltwater section and catching some Mulloway, Dusky Flathead, Bream, and the odd Australian Bass.

Natural and transparent lure colours are the most effective option at the moment.

The small bit of rain we had did not make much difference to the water colour, and so doing the miles to get the smiles is still the daily game plan.
Trolling deeper water with the above mentioned OSP Dunks can pay dividends by finding fresh ground.

At the Gold Coast on our estuary and broadwater fishing charters the water is still super clear close to the seaway, which is not ideal when chasing our favourite quarry- bigger Flathead.

We’ve been searching for dirtier water on the run out tides in areas such as the Surfers Paradise canals, Browns inlet, Coomera river mouth, Coombabah creek, and Saltwater creek. The bigger sand whiting are beginning to reappear in our favourite spots.

Jumpinpin is well worth a fish at the moment for bigger flathead and mulloway in the deeper areas near the mouth, with reasonable tides this coming show day holiday and weekend.

Casting the Ecogear ZX40’s into creek drains and edges of weedbeds can find the bigger fish.

It definitely pays to rub some Sax scent in Goldprawn flavour on these lures, making them not only look and move like prawns, but smell like them as well. We find by using scent on lures, fish will often keep attacking until hooked if they miss the first time.

On windy days trolling some of our favourite hardbody lures usually results in a good bag of fish by the day’s end.

Get in touch if you’d like to lock in your exclusive charter soon for a leisurely day on the water on our shaded, comfortable boats. We’re always up for a fishing chat!

Cheers Smithy & Clinto

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