5 October 2018 fishing report

This week’s fishing tips and estuary report brought to you by Big Hit Fishing and Frogleys Offshore.

Brad is now resuming a very popular activity on his Tweed river charters, surface luring for big summer whiting.

He has a couple of new weapons which are sure to account for big numbers of fish this summer. Firstly the Bassday Sugapen has been released in a new 58mm size and new colours like this one pictured below.

It has a very prawn like look to it, and only slightly lighter in weight which mean it will cast well. In short looks a winner!

The best way to fish these lures is find shallow, clear water no deeper than 0.5m, put in long casts, then hold the rod low and a medium speed retrieve with no pauses. Just a quick and constant flick of the rod as you wind.

A perfect place to try this is over the top of yabby banks at high tide, and it’s best to cut all motors to reduce noise. There are many such spots at the Gold Coast and Tweed. Ideally a light surface wind and some cloud cover us the ideal scenario for a successful, adrenalin filled session.

Another quality finesse popper style surface lure is the MMD splash prawn made locally by Mick Molnar. This product is making a mark on the estuary scene and we can’t wait to make full use of it.

Fishing report:

Brad has been sticking to the upper reaches of the Tweed, finding some nice Mulloway for his guests on vibes fished in the deeper holes where bait fish were present on his Humminbird fish finder.

This week rising temperatures and some rain will see Smithy taking his mangrove jack rods and lures on charters to have a crack at the red devils.

Clint has been venturing to the Northern side of the Gold Coast broadwater now that the snot weed has all but disappeared.

The South Western corner of Sovereign island produced flathead between 44-60cm, as well as big flounder, bream, small tuskfish, and some large pike, all caught on Ecogear zx40 blades and 65mm Zerek fishtraps in depths ranging from two to four metres. A short, sharp flick of the rod always gets results, and smear some Sax scent in goldprawn flavour on lures to encourage a more aggressive take.

Another fruitful area has been just downstream of Sundale bridge on the channel edges. A surprising large variety of fish have been present including queenfish, torpedo scad, bream, tarwine, flathead, flounder, and a huge number of good size winter whiting.

There have been days when Northerly winds adversely affect the fishing, and the coming week does look a bit stormy. If we do get some decent falls of rain it will really fire up the estuary fishing.

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See below for some photos from our gold coast fishing charters this week.

Cheers and hope to fish with you soon!
Smithy & Clinto

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