7 February 2019 fishing report and tips


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Hello again everyone, a big mix of weather this week with dry and sunny conditions turning to some wind and rain. Luckily we always have plenty of sheltered options on our calm water charters.


Well isn’t it great to see a couple of drops of rain and a few more showers forecast for the rest of the week.

The early morning showers have cooled the water temperature down a fraction which has helped entice the flatties to feed a bit more freely in the deeper holes and on surface lures across the shallow flats, where bream and whiting are also patrolling.

The bigger tides this week has induced the baitfish to spawn which are being smashed by the local trevally especially around the tide changes.

The early morning tide changes this week also suit the Mangrove Jacks that are present in the heavily structured areas of the middle reaches.



As Smithy mentioned we are getting some welcome showers of rain this week, let’s hope it continues as we spare a thought for up North where some people have sadly lost everything in the floods. Let’s hope the rain eases there as soon as possible.

The Gold Coast broadwater continues to produce a variety on my favourite lures the Ecogear ZX40 blades which work so well in tandem with a smearing of Sax scent goldprawn or crab on them.
Other go to lures are Zerek fishtraps, and Gulp shrimps rigged on 1/6oz jigheads.

With the neap tides we decided to fish the seaway a couple of times with live baits. We spent the morning gathering live whiting, pike, tailor, and squid all caught on Ecogear lures, while at the same time having a lot of light tackle fun with flathead, flounder, squire, tarwine, and trevally landed as well.

On one trip we got smoked by big kingfish three times on 50 lb braid/ 80 lb leader. Just when you think you have them under control they find extra gears! On another we caught some nice flathead on livies in the seaway.


Fishing near boat ramps and yabby banks.

Every weekend you’ll see anglers launching their boats then motoring at full speed 5kms away to start fishing.

We have often found great fishing to be had right near the ramps. In fact we have had full 6 hour sessions when we haven’t travelled further than 200m either side of a boat ramp and caught fish almost non stop the whole time, big flathead amongst them.

Try going slow when you first launch, look at the fish finder for bait schools and depth changes, and start fishing straight away. Boat ramps are a hive of activity which can and does stir the water up and attract the whole food chain.

The same goes for yabby banks, you’ll see people pumping yabbies then flying off miles away to start fishing, when the best fishing can be right there near the food source. Just the act of pumping yabbies begins a berley trail of dirty water which calls whiting and flathead in.

I’m going away to Northern NSW for a few days break next week after the hectic and busy past few months, so will be giving the weekly report and tips a break next week. I’ll be surface fishing for whiting while down there, hopefully get a feed. I will still try post some of Brad’s captures from Tweed River.

Cheers and chat soon,

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