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7 November 2019 fishing report


7 November 2019


There are some solid flathead feeding upstream, feeding on bait fish. Small minnow lures and vibes are working best.

Solid flathead are hunting bait fish at Tweed river upper reaches

The trevally are still coming through and hunting food in the middle to upper reaches of the Tweed river. Giant trevally are very exciting to hook on light tackle, trolling and casting hardbodies and soft plastics will get strikes.

Giant Trevally are awesome fun this time of year on light tackle

As the water warms the big sand whiting which the Tweed is renowned for are aggressively hitting mmd splash prawn surface lures. In the clear water and sunny days use translucent colour lures in shallow water.

MMD splash prawns are gun surface lures for whiting over the summer months

We’ll soon be releasing some Christmas gift value packs for sale on our facebook store. Keep an eye out to buy for your loved ones.

School flathead keep the kids happy


I took a few days off this week and did some maintenance on the tackle and boat.

The days we did get out were dictated by wind, I’m definitely looking forward to conditions settling into trade wind season soon. 

The strong Northerly and then Southerly winds in the past few days will stir up the water, I can’t wait to get out explore the area once everything calms down. 

Austyn with a squid from the broadwater

You’ll find the whiting in Nerang river should be feeding hard leading up to full moon next Tuesday, as will mangrove jacks. 

In the Gold Coast broadwater winter whiting will be in good numbers, and some flathead. Surprisingly there is a lot of squid out there at present around moored boats and weedbeds.

Flounder will aggressively grab Samaki vibes

The best lures to catch all of the above are Ecogear ZX40 blades in non UV colours such as 411, and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes in white bait, clear mullet, pearl shrimp, and squid colours.

Samaki soft vibes will catch a huge variety of fish

You can read more about the Samaki vibe colour range and features here:

I have a few jack charters coming up over the next week, as well as broadwater trips. Looking forward to catching and releasing some big ones!

On our most recent jack trip we had one big hit and run on a good size jack but the hooks pulled. It’s a reminder that you will not catch them on every outing, but if you put in the time and effort you will be rewarded sooner or later.

There has been a lot of big bream around at night. It’s when they go quiet that you know the jacks are coming through.


December and January will fill fast, lock in your dates soon. We love to teach!


•Two people max

•Six hour Tweed river or Gold Coast trips

•Lure techniques include surface fishing for whiting, trevally, bream

•hardbody trolling and casting for big flathead, trevally, whiting

•deeper water vibing for flathead, mulloway, whiting.

•Mangrove Jack luring when conditions suit


•private charters for 1-4 people

•fishing Nerang river and Gold Coast broadwater

Techniques include:

•Using Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki soft vibes in various depths for a variety of fish and squid

•Bait fishing the broadwater and river

•Live baiting for mangrove jacks

•Trolling and casting for Giant Trevally

•Using bait for big whiting in the evenings


SMS 0432 990 302 


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Smithy & Clinto

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