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8 August 2019 fishing report


8 August 2019


The on going great winter weather continues with cool clean morning starts and warm windless days. 

Another stunning day at Tweed River, NSW with Mt Warning as the backdrop

Not a lot has changed from last weeks report and the flathead are still dominating the catch rate. Being in the right spot around the tide changes is the time that really triggers their feeding instinct. A pattern that is not uncommon for all our species. 

Nick with a nice flathead caught on lure

The deeper holes in the rivers are producing the odd nice size tailor and very small school jew but these little guys still go well on light line. The slight increase in water temperature has also allowed us to have a bit of fun chasing some bream on surface lures on Bassday sugapens and MMD splash prawns. 

The water is very clear in the river at present so very natural coloured lures are working the best with Ecogear sx48’s in the 303 colour and Pontoon 21 crackjacks in the threadfin colour producing the best results. 

You can buy all our go to lures via our facebook store, see below for the link.

New colours for Ecogear SX48 lures, they look awesome and will catch a lot of fish!


Neap tides this week meant less run less fun. I had to do a lot of kilometres to find fish for my guests on our estuary fishing charters. Typical beautiful winter weather has made for some very pleasant days out on the Gold Coast broadwater.

Flathead tended to start feeding later in the day, and the large schools of winter whiting have moved out to the open ocean to find food.

There has been a distinct lack of bait fish in the ultra clear water, apart from white bait. As the old saying goes “match the hatch” and try Strike Pro blades, Zerek fishtraps in Olive Guppy colour. 

Jen did well trolling up some mackerel on Ecogear SX49 lures while on a broadwater charter with Brad

Ecogear ZX40 blades in colour 440 and 411 have still been working well (everything eats prawns) and throwing out a small Gulp in peppered prawn colour on 1/6 oz jighead and while drifting works a treat for flathead.

Ecogear ZX40 vibes as seen under the light of a UV torch

There has been a few nice flathead, bream, sand whiting in the canals, and the odd small mulloway up the river, while at the broadwater flathead can be found at the Aldershots, on the eastern side of Crab island, Anglers Paradise, and upriver from TSS on the western side.

Juvenile mulloway caught in Nerang river on Ecogear ZX40 vibe colour no.440

The rest of the catch in the broadwater has consisted of flounder, squid, and winter whiting. Water temperature is hovering around 19.5 degrees. After this next cold snap it could be an early start to mangrove jack season. Let’s hope we get early spring rain to give the creeks and river systems a desperately needed flush out.

This coming week with the continuation of small daytime tides leading up to full moon on Thursday, when the wind allows try the deeper water west of Wavebreak island and down the sides of the channel towards Crab island. 

Also worth a cast for flathead in shallow water where they are sunning themselves and feeding. Good places are the edges of mangroves and on top of shallow sandbank, then move to the channels as the tide recedes.

Another day in paradise
Gold Coast charter departure point, our guests can grab a coffee on the way, and keep their feet dry

Look for signs of activity such as patches of bait and arch shapes for bigger fish on the fish finder, if the tv is blank keep moving slowly. Don’t drive over fish to find fish.

Yabbies will work well on lightly weighted traces with no.4 Mustad baitholder hooks.

If you’d like to book a private charter with us to experience this beautiful time of year on our local waterways SMS 0432 990 302 to discuss.

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