9 January 2020 fishing report


9 January 2020


The middle to upper reaches of the river continue to be the best place to look for fish. With the prospect of some rain in the coming weeks, we should see the mangrove jack and sand whiting fishing improve, and the mud crabs will get moving.

Jacks caught on our charters this season are averaging over 50cm in size

Whiting are still taking well presented surface lures over the shallow sand banks, with MMD splash prawns one of our favourite lures to use.

We have just had some more supplies of splash prawns arrive in the mail, you can buy packs of them from our online facebook store, see the link below in this report.

There are also some trevally around way upstream.

Oz and Marc with nice jacks


SMS 0432 990 302 to book your broadwater or mangrove jack charter.

Max with a thumper 58cm jack

Keep an eye on our facebook page for a bushfire fundraising relief auction we are running, you can bid to win a spot on a mangrove jack fishing charter with a sporting legend.

Dennis with a solid red dog

This week once again the mangrove jacks were around, with the bigger fish feeding aggressively at times. These fish often have small bite periods and it pays to be patient and wait for them to switch on.

55cm mangrove jack

The broadwater has fired up with a few nice flathead, lots of squid, winter whiting, squire, tarwine, and sand whiting.

We have been boating 10-15 squid a day and these tasty critters are absolute suckers for Ecogear ZX40 and Samaki Vibelicious lures. Smear some Sax scent goldprawn on the lures and lift and drop them in water 4-8 metres deep.

This coming week we have the full moon on Saturday. Bigger tides will provide a good opportunity to target sand whiting at night on live bloodworms and yabbies.

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