11 May 2018 fishing report

Mulloway are a prized catch by recreational fishers, but many fruitless hours can be spent chasing them.

One method that works well is using soft vibes and metal blades fished deep and slow. Try around tide changes in deeper holes and places like the seaway pipe. The last half hour of a run out tide is prime time. It helps to have good braid for less resistance in the water and fluorocarbon leader. Drop the lure while slow drifting, with the bigger soft vibes a slow metre high lift then slow drop works well, with blades a shorter, sharper action is best.

Every 15 minutes or so rub some S factor or similar scent on your lure. It’s persistence that pays, so if you mark them and bait on the sounder, keep at it! Sooner or later you’ll come up solidly hooked.

A big cold snap coming this weekend with a minimum temperature forecast of 8 degrees on Saturday morning. Neap tides have featured in the past week with wind and rain still mixed in but looks sunny ahead.

Some quality size Purple tuskfish have been biting at the Gold Coast broadwater, they are very aggressive and hard fighting fish on blade lures, apparently good to eat although we prefer to release most. The winter whiting are increasing in size and number, as are the flounder. We had a big one hooked on a blade and while netting it another flounder was attempting to grab the blade out of it’s mouth, so we netted both, 2 for the price of 1! Locals Ross and Terry came along for the afternoon session on Monday and got 50 or so fish all on a new blade we’re using.

There were a lot of smaller flathead and snapper around, with the bigger tides we should see some better fish at the Gold Coast and Tweed systems.


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