19 June 2020 fishing report & news


19 June 2020

Dad joke:

I hate it when my wife says “are you listening to me?!”

Such a random way to start a conversation.


Hi everyone we have been mixing it up a bit this week some shallow water techniques. 

It is not uncommon through winter for fish to move up into shallow water during the day as the sun warms up the water temperature quicker than in deep water. 

We have been trolling and casting small minnows like pontoon 21 and slam lures as well as a bit of surface popping with mmd splash prawns for whiting, bream and flatties. 

Little GTS like this one are still taking vibes in the deep holes

With all trips I always take the time to do a bit of deep water jigging in a few of the many deep holes in the river especially around the tide changes. Flathead, bream, whiting and trevally have been the main takers of our vibe lures as well as the odd bass. 

Australian bass move well down the river through winter to spawn so I must mention here that if you accidentally catch one while targeting other species please handle them properly and quickly release them. It is important to note that in NSW that there is a zero bag limit on bass in rivers and estauries from the 1st of May to the 31st of August.

Nils with a Bass that was quickly released as it is closed season in rivers and estuaries until August

Note: we are proud to now offer some quality products from Pro Lure Australia.

One lure in particular we are very excited about is the ST72. The deeper version will dive to over two metres then suspend briefly when paused before slowly rising. It is a very nice looking and well made lure with a fantastic action. 

Definitely worth having in the tacklebox for fans of double clutches who love working them over shallow banks for big flathead, bream, whiting, trevally and more!

We offer them in four colours, or a value pack of four.

Pro Lure ST72

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I’ve been sticking to the broadwater where light winds in the mornings have made for pleasant conditions. Week days are great with less jetskis and big, fast boats on the water.

The Southwind at Capri

The fish have been off the bite with very slow, tentative bites but the squid and crabs have made up for it. The arrow squid seem to have bite periods when they are very aggressive on blades. I was fishing with regular guest Mick on Wednesday and we had some good success teasing them up to the surface with Ecogear ZX40 blades in 440 colour, then dropping a Daiwa nude squid jig 3.0 in weed shrimp colour. We coated the squid jig in Sax scent UV prawn too.

Good haul of squid, blue swimmer crabs, and flounder

They were grabbing it instantly, so much fun to watch. Fresh arrow squid are absolutely delicious to eat, especially if you marinade them in a mix of milk and kiwi fruit for an hour first, then dip in batter then hot fry.

We’ve been getting over 20 blue swimmer crabs per session in our pots baited with mahi mahi and mullet frames. Keeping just enough legal size males for a feed for everyone on the boat. The Southern broadwater in 2-4 metre depth on run out tides has been working best for the sandies.

Anson and his mate with 13 legal crabs
We caught squid on Daiwa jigs

With Ecogear ZX40 vibes coated in Sax scent UV, and Samaki vibes there has been some flathead, whiting, tarwine, flounder boated.

Best fishing days this week according to the almanac, looks like a great week ahead, especially after the rain.

Friday: 71%

Saturday: 89%

Sunday: 95%

Monday: 93%

Tuesday: 79%

Wednesday: 56%

Thursday: 23%

*This is just a prediction. There are many factors when it comes to fishing and fish are unpredictable at times, there are no exact guarantees. We include this just for fun and see how it plays out every week.

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river: Brad doing very well with flathead and mulloway on vibes in the holes, and trolling/ casting the flats in the mornings for a variety.

Gold Coast:

More fish and bait action expected including flathead, flounder, winter whiting with vibes, and we’ll keep chasing fresh squid and blue swimmer crabs on charters too.

Some good tides for wading the broadwater flats too for whiting, bream, flathead, squid with yabbies, minnows, and squid jigs.

SMS 0432 990 302 to book your charter adventure!

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