12 June 2020 fishing report & news


12 June 2020

Dad joke:

Studies show that 99% of Dans are in fact not, “the man”


G’day everyone well once again it has been a great week of fishing on the Tweed. Although we have not caught anything too big in size the numbers and variety have made up for it. 

Smithy & the powerfish!

Keeping a bend in the rod is what it is all about and being able to swap lures and techniques through the day is very exciting and eventually that big one will come along. In saying this we have caught the odd cracker whiting and on most trips have been getting a few flatties over 50cm. 

Bryce Parker caught this flattie trolling a slam lure
Benny with his first ever jewie caught on a zx 40 lure

Jigging the deep holes with ecogear zx and vx vibes has been producing flatties, bream, whiting, big eye and giant trevally as well as the odd small school jew. 

This trevally smashed a VX45 lure

I am hoping that the rain we received yesterday and the potential forecast of a bit more rain over the weekend will help keep the action firing. I look forward to talking again next week.       

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I’ve hardly been fishing this week, the boat and tackle has been getting some maintenance and I’ve been busy with orders from our online store.

Some new crab pots, rods, wading bags and lures were added to my collection to use on charters. 

On the water though we are seeing a typical winter pattern. The bigger flounder and squid have arrived in numbers, and the flathead and winter whiting are increasing too. We should see schools of spawning tailor over the next few months unless the netters take most of them. Ecogear ZX40 vibes in colours 415, 440, 447 and Ecogear VX45 vibes in colour 439 are doing well. Best of the Samaki Vibelicious soft vibe colour are white bait and ghost bait.

Tux was stoked to catch this flathead

This coming week I am fishing most days, and the broadwater looks good with morning run out tides. I will be fishing along the edges of the main channel South of the seaway, and also near Marina mirage, Anglers paradise, Carters bank, North currigee, and Runaway bay.

We are back up and running!

Our new online store is well stocked with our favourite lures at the moment, but the top packs do get smashed so have a look soon. 

The “Secret lures” value pack has been most popular, and comes with a free ebook which explains how to use them, and includes some bonus Gold Coast offshore gps marks. Buy the pack here:

Free ebook with the Secret Lures value pack

Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

13 June Saturday: 69%

Sunday: 46%

Monday: 13%

Tuesday: 14%

Wednesday: 15%

Thursday: 42%

Friday: 71%

20 June Saturday: 89%

Sunday: 95%

Monday: 93%

Tuesday: 79%

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river:

Good tides for morning sessions in the middle reaches especially after the rain, using vibes in deeper holes for mulloway, whiting, flathead, and bream. 

Also fishing hardbodies on the flats in the middle of the run out for flathead.

Gold Coast:

Nice morning run out tides for the broadwater this week to target flathead, flounder, tailor, winter whiting. Squid will available on the top of the tide.

If the wind is up we’ll be sheltered in Nerang river chasing flathead, trevally, mulloway and sand whiting on blades, vibes, and hardbody minnows.

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