5 June 2020 fishing report & news


5 June 2020

Dad joke:

Her: At least invite me out for dinner

Him: I don’t go out with married women

Her: But I’m your wife

Him: I make no exceptions


G’day everyone this weeks Tweed Report is much the same as last weeks in that the fish are still holding in the mid to upper reaches of the river. 

Trolling slam lures has been working well on the flatties

The weather has been fantastic with light to no wind at all and warm winter sunshine making the conditions very comfortable. The lack of wind has made the conditions perfect for drifting and jigging both soft and metal vibes in the deep holes. The deep holes are still producing some flathead and nice sized bream as well as the odd good whiting and small jew. 

8 yr old Harry with a nice whiting caught jigging a vibelicious vibe in a deep hole

Trolling the flats between the deep holes has also been consistently producing a mixture of flathead, bream and whiting with the slam lures working well. I have been experimenting with slam lures for the past three weeks and i have to say I am very impressed with them for both their tight action and the fact that they will dive down to about 4.5 metres when trolled with the tide with light braid and leaders. Lets hope the action continues until we talk again next week. 

Riley with a school flathead


Hi everyone, some interesting adventures this week. 

On Wednesday Sammy Hitzke’s Dad Terry and his mate Norm were on board. We started off by drifting around the Southport area with vibes catching flounder and winter whiting.

Carl with the big old mud crab we rescued

We then pulled up on a big bank at Wavebreak Island to pump some yabbies, leaving the boat in knee deep water on the run out tide. Time went by and we got a bit distracted while having a land based fish and before we knew it the boat was high and dry, and not going anywhere for the next five years. First time it’s ever happened to me. ????

Terry with freshly caught dinner from the broadwater

Anyway we had no choice but to fish on, and for the next few hours we caught a bucket full of big tiger squid, some solid Luderick, and flathead, bream, whiting. All in a small, sandy, shallow channel. Amazing what you find sometimes when you stop and look at things closely.

The haul from our land based adventure

Once we were floating again we caught a number of nice size arrow squid and flounder. There is still a lot of bait fish in the broadwater, and sand crabs around Ephraim Island.

Terry with one of many tiger squid he caught
Terry with a solid Luderick he caught on 4 lb fluorocarbon line

My boat goes in to Swiftco on Monday for a birthday maintenance and repairs treatment, then I should be back on the broadwater mid week. The tides will suit fishing the Northern broadwater and deeper reef areas nicely.

Today Friday I had Carl and his son Riley aboard for a fish up the river. We caught a few legal flathead on hardbody Slam lures, plus some tarwine and bream. On one drift we got snagged on an old crab pot. Inside was a huge male mud crab, which had obviously been living in the pot for a long time. We released the poor old fella after some photos.

Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

Saturday: 95%

Sunday: 88%

Monday: 70%

Tuesday: 40%

Wednesday: 15%

Thursday: 14%

Friday: 27%

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river:

Brad will target mulloway, flathead in the deeper holes with vibes, and troll or drift the flats with hardbody and blade lures.

Gold Coast:

We will fish the broadwater with Samaki soft vibes, Ecogear ZX40’s, and yabbies for squid, flathead, tuskfish, flounder, whiting and I have four heavy duty crab pots to catch delicious blue swimmer crabs for my guests.

Other options include wading the flats with lures and yabbies. Very relaxing and fun. We supply all the gear.

SMS 0432 990 302 to book your charter adventure!

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