2 April 2020 fishing report & news


2 April 2020


Dad joke: 

People said I’d never get over my obsession with Phil Collins.

But take a look at me now! 

(Credit: https://m.facebook.com/DadSaysJokes )

I feel like we need a sense of humour more than ever in these trying times, so we’re going to share Dad jokes regularly.

Here’s some more laughs from the one and only legendary Russell Coight:


Well the news from the fishing scene is we won’t be running charters for a few months at least, but the good news is we’re running Echarters! 

See below for more info 😉

We’ll still try to do weekly reports and tips. The current advice is stay home unless it’s necessary to go out. Fishing is still allowed in Queensland so if we’re all sensible this won’t be locked down. Go solo and stay clear of others. Avoid unnecessary trips to servos and shops.

Some big grunter are feeding on prawns in the rivers

Myself and Brad have been doing a bit of solo fishing close to home. The Gold Coast broadwater/ Nerang river area between Budds beach and Sovereign island is still producing big sand whiting, winter whiting, flathead, flounder, tuskfish, and the squid are returning. There are still heaps of bream everywhere and they are getting bigger.

Axton with a monster Sand whiting
Lots of bream and trevally are around

A lot of baitfish and prawns are moving around and there are trevally busting up around the seaway area.

The whiting are big and fat

The Tweed river is producing heaps of whiting, flathead, bream on surface lures, vibes, hardbodies.

A glassy morning in a Gold Coast canal
The new colour splashprawn “honey bee”

Have a look at this link for details of a VERY special offer:


This includes:

*A 60 minute phone or video chat with Brad or Clint, ask us any fishing questions whatsoever!

*Plus the go to lures we use most on our Tweed river and Gold Coast estuary charters. 

They slay a huge range of species including big flathead, mangrove jacks, mulloway, big whiting, giant trevally and heaps of others.

*2 x Pontoon 21 crackjacks 48 SP DR

(Spanish red, R60 colours) A deadly trolling or casting lure for depths to 2.2 metres. We love them!

*2 x Ecogear ZX40 vibes

(colours 440, 447) For strike rate and sheer variety and quality of fish these lures are hard to beat. 

We have caught over 40 different species on them including whiting, big flathead, mulloway, giant trevally, tuskfish, snapper, bream, and squid. They are that good they should just about be illegal we reckon.

1 x  MMD splashprawn prawn imitation popper

(Honey bee, sensational new colour!) These innovative popper style lures are taking the lure market by storm and smash big whiting, bream, trevally, flathead, jacks.

*A 10ml tube of Sax scent goldprawn

*1x Smithy’s L’il mate lure

*1 x 2 pack Ecogear assist hooks gold colour

*Plus free Express post!!!!

*Plus $50 discount off regular total price on a charter with us! (Mention you’ve bought this pack when booking)

*SMS 0432 990 302 after purchase to receive our all our fishing secrets and tips ebooks on how to use all of these lures plus a lot more info!

But wait there’s more!

Our members club page will receive a code for a $10 off voucher for this pack or anything in the store over $30! Members club link is below.

Limited offer be quick!

Until next time take it easy everyone, just be happy no matter what, and stay safe!

If anyone is ever lonely or needs to chat feel free to message us here:


It’s been a tough year already but we’re keeping our chins up and we’ll still be here when this crisis settles. 

We’ve seen a number of other new charter operators start up lately which make it tough in an already crowded market but we’ve seen many come and go over the years. 


Smithy & Clinto

SMS 0432 990 302 to book your Echarter or charter!

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Finally a huge shout out and thanks to our sponsors, preferred brands and suppliers:

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Sax scent

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Smithy & Clinto

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