27 March 2020 fishing report & news


27 March 2020

We have stopped running charters until further notice due to the coronavirus epidemic. Sad times but we’ve been around a long time and we will be back as soon as possible!

Al Austin with a jewie he caught trolling a pontoon 21 crackjack lure, on a charter before we closed down for a little while. We’ll be back!

We sincerely hope everyone takes care and heeds warnings. We’re all in the same boat, and we all need to stay calm and see it through.

A few ideas below we’ll be working on while in isolation to keep you entertained. We’d love your feedback so please get in touch with ideas and requests by commenting below or messaging us here: m.me/bradsmithfishingcharters

*Online video or phone tutorials- like a virtual charter. Pick our brains about what what you’d like to know more about

($50 per hour one on one) eg. Surface lure fishing, mangrove jacks, where to fish locally, land based spots, species tactics, lure fishing, tackle. Ask us anything!

*Lure packs, our online store will still be available to buy our favourite proven lures that are fish magnets. Stocked up with Ecogear ZX40, Pontoon 21 crackjacks, Brad Smith’s River to Reef Gold Coast books, Sax scent goldprawn, MMD splashprawns. SMS 0432 990 302 to order a custom pack

*Comps/ giveaways. We’ll be running a few of these so keep an eye on our page!

*Videos. While in the tackle shed servicing gear we’ll chat about lures, tackle, braid, and more.

*Tips articles. We love sharing knowledge and helping. What would you like to know more about?

The bream are going crazy attacking Mmd splash prawns.

The fishing has still been very good and we’ll continue to each go fishing solo while allowed, to let you know what’s biting and where. If anyone is struggling and would like to chat about fishing, feel free to message our page and we will get back to you. There’s nothing like fishing to take your mind off things. Just remember to play it safe and practise social distancing. 

We have caught 2 flatties over 70 cm on mmd splash prawns this week. It is a rush when a big flattie takes a surface lure.

At Tweed river Brad has been having a great time putting his guests onto heaps of big bream, flathead, mulloway, and whiting. 

There are some nice flathead and whiting amongst the bream
The bream have been rampant and very aggressive

The Gold Coast estuaries have been fishing well for the usual big variety of species. There has been that many bream it’s hard to get past them but the numbers of flathead, sand whiting, winter whiting, flounder and tuskfish are starting to increase.

A Pontoon 21 crackjack after being slammed all day long by a variety of fish

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