21 May 2021 fishing report & news


21 May 2021

*Squid everywhere

Dad joke:

A child: What’s that?

Me holding an Oreo milkshake: 

It’s spicy you won’t like it


G’day everyone well once again we had some nice weather this week matched with some great fishing. Jigging a mixture of Samaki and Ecogear ZX 40 vibes did the damage on some quality bream and flathead.  

Chris with one of the many flathead he caught deep water jigging
6 yr old Markus with a nice flattie

As it was last week the bait is still balling up in the bottom of the deep holes in the river and a well worked lure along the bottom of these holes has guaranteed success. 

Be a bit careful when fishing the deep holes as we have been catching the odd venomous little fish on the vibes that at first glance look like a type of cod. I first thought they were another painful fish called bullrouts but a quick reference to the Grants Guide of fishes has identified them to be soldier fish and should not be touched and carefully removed with your pointy nosed pliers. 

This is a soldier fish and they are venomous and should be handled carefully and released with pliers

It has always been said in our industry if you dont know what the fish is do not touch it and definitely don’t try and eat it.   

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Hi everyone, another week of good fishing. As Smithy wisely pointed out, watch out for those nasty soldier fish. They have been around lately in Nerang river too. 

A nice catch from the river
Some of Clint’s favourite squid jigs, Ecogear Dartmax 3.0

The squid have come through with a bang this week in the broadwater, we have caught over 50 of the tasty critters some days. 

Lots of squid!

They are widespread wherever there are a mix of sandy holes and weed beds. Since I’ve started using the new Ecogear Dartmax 3.0 squid jigs the catch rate has exploded. This is no doubt due to how quick they sink, which suits the flow and depth of the Gold Coast broadwater perfectly.

62cm flathead on Ecogear ZX40 colour 440
The Irish lads enjoyed a fishing trip with Clint

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Some trips in the river have produced lots of bream and nice flathead, with the odd trevally in between. In the broadwater amongst the squid there has been tuskfish, flounder, flathead, whiting, squire, and tarwhine.

Great fishing at Gold Coast

Hopefully the blue swimmer crabs pick up in number leading up to full moon next week. The water will be super clear on the run in tides, it often pays to keep moving North in the broadwater with the tide then South as the tide runs out.

Yabbies, Samaki vibes, and zx’s will all work well.

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Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

Saturday: 14

Sunday: 35

Monday: 66

Tuesday: 86

Wednesday: 94

Thursday: 94

Friday: 83

(search “fishing and hunting” on app stores to get the full app)

*This is just a prediction. There are many factors when it comes to fishing and fish are unpredictable at times, there are no exact guarantees. We include this just for fun and see how it plays out every week.

Charter options this coming week:

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