24 August 2018 fishing report

This week’s tip:

Some days in estuaries strong wind is your friend. When the water has been clear and calm over winter, a windy day can really stir up the rivers.

In fact we have some of our most productive sessions in such conditions, especially when the wind is against tide and there is a rough surface chop.

It seems to really get the fish biting aggressively and be less inhibited, particularly with some big tidal flow. Look for the most choppy section in the river and you may find a hot bite in terms of size and number.

A bonus tip is when conditions are glassed out calm, waterskiers and jetboats will help stir up the mud. Have a fish in their wake.

Fishing report:

Smithy reports school size flathead and bream for his clients at Tweed river. Until we get decent rain he has been teabagging upstream with Atomic semihardz vibes and Zerek fishtraps, and trolling Pontoon 21s and micro mullets.

The big sand whiting will start to reappear soon in the upper reaches ahead of their breeding season. These fish are great sport on light gear, with surface lures and live worms very effective.

At the Broadwater the snot weed has been annoying. Clint has been getting good quality flathead and some soapie Mulloway up the Nerang river, and at Coombabah Creek. Bream, whiting, tuskfish, squid, snapper, has been making up the rest of the daily catch.

Let’s hope this weekends forecast rain eventuates to give the estuary systems a flush.

Some photos from the past week:

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