6 February 2021 fishing report & news


6 February 2021

*Jacks still feeding hard

*Surface action hot at Tweed river

Dad joke:

Told the missus she was drawing her eyebrows too high.

She looked surprised.


G’day everyone this week has fished well on the Tweed but very early morning starts were required for the best results. 

The author getting in on the action with a Jack caught on a redic lure

The reason for starting early was to time the tide changes and at the moment the water temperature has been climbing to 28.2 degrees by the middle of the day. When the water gets that hot the best results come from fishing the deep holes where the water is slightly cooler on the bottom. 

Nice summers day at Capri

This week produced some mangrove jacks that took a liking to some deep diving minnow lures trolled in tight to structure. These hard hitting fish are one species that do like the warm water and will stay on the bite for another couple of months. 

Fishing the deep holes produced some nice flatties as well as some whiting and bream. The best lures this week have been strada dredge and atomic shiners as well as Samaki redics and the ever reliable Samaki vibelicous. Clint and I have just received an order of the new Pro lure blades that look fantastic so i cant wait to give them a good work out next week. 

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New seats for Clint’s boat
New skippers chair
The new V42 blades from Pro Lure

The mighty mangrove jacks have been frothing and aggressive this week with the hot weather and water temp sitting around 29 degrees. It takes a lot of effort and attention to detail to successfully target these amazing fish, but when it all pays off it is so rewarding.

Jon with one of two jacks he caught and released on our charter
Jayden with a great jack
Maddie with a big jack

This is peak time for the jacks so if you want to have a go at night the only dates still available this season are 19th and 24 February, then 4th and 25th March.

This week I’ll be chasing big sand whiting again in the Gold Coast broadwater in the mornings, as well as a variety of fish in the deeper cooler channels on Samaki vibes, Ecogear ZX’s, and Pro Lure V42.

New moon is this coming Friday, we have big morning tides followed by smaller night tides. 

The jacks are firing
Ecogear ZX40 lures are back in stock and catching heaps
Clint, Jonathan, and Jon with a haul of jacks which were released
Livies all caught on lures

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Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

Sunday: 13 ????

Monday: 25

Tuesday: 58

Wednesday: 80

Thursday: 93 ????

Friday: 96????

*This is just a prediction. There are many factors when it comes to fishing and fish are unpredictable at times, there are no exact guarantees. We include this just for fun and see how it plays out every week.

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river: Fully booked, late Feb is the next available date

Gold Coast: Fully booked, 19th and 24th Feb are the only two dates still available this month.

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