7 August 2020 fishing report & news


7 August 2020

*Tweed river clearing after rain, heaps of flatties feeding

*Gold Coast broadwater fishes well for amazing variety

*Bigger flathead starting to show

Dad joke:

Anyone want to buy a broken barometer?

No pressure


Smithy reports that after the rain the middle reach is fishing well for big numbers of various size flathead, as well as tailor and bream.

Greg with a flattie on the new mmd smash prawn

Trolled minnows are doing the damage over the flats, while working the deeper areas with Samaki soft vibes, Ecogear VX45, and Ecogear ZX40’s is resulting in double hook ups during the peak bite times.

flatties love the mmd prawn drifted with the tide

Smearing some Smithy’s UV prawn Sax scent on the lures is working extremely well in dirty and deeper water.

Double hook ups on flatties have been frequent this week. One fish took a vibelicious and the other a zx 40


Such an interesting week! Some great variety of fish in the broadwater and we spotted turtles, dugongs and dolphins. What a wonderful place the Gold Coast broadwater is.

The fishing action in the broadwater did slow up as the week went on, as fishing always does in general. I have no doubt it’ll be back firing in coming days. It was good to see some bigger flathead coming on the bite, and the trevally have been around all winter. 

Clint with a 76 cm dusky flathead which was released

Species we boated this week on Ecogear ZX40 and 43’s included school mackerel, dusky flathead, bartail flathead, fringe eye flathead, giant trevally, tealeaf trevally, winter whiting, sand whiting, tarwine, bream, spotted bigeye, yakka, squid, tuskfish, fantail leatherjacket.

Stunning afternoon at Capri where we launch

There has still been blue swimmer crabs but on the small side and lot of jennies. I had two crab pots stolen in the middle of the day midweek in the main channel. I always struggle to imagine what sort of people do this. Complete scum grub lowlife?

Will with a nice GT

Best areas to fish were Ephraim reef, Southport main channel, Wavebreak south channel, the keyhole.

Will with a 66cm flattie

I like to smear a dot of Sax scent goldprawn on the zx’s every 15 minutes when conditions are calm and clear, and Smithy’s UV prawn Sax scent in deeper water or darker/ rougher conditions and dirtier water. It’s hard to go past zx’s for the amount of bites they get in the broadwater. If there’s baitfish present the Samaki Vibelicious forktail 70mm in whitebait works very well. The new MMD soft prawns are a fantastic lure too.

We caught an octopus in a crab pot
76cm flathead caught and released

This coming week features neap tides which are good for fishing near river mouths and nearby main channels. The snot weed is still a pain during run out tide but is gradually clearing. 

Zx42 in 402 colour, it catches big fish!

If it gets too bad to fish you can always head to the Southern end of the broadwater between the Spit and Sundale bridge. It doesn’t come through there and there are plenty of fishing options using vibes and/ or live yabbies.

Some good rain falling today (Friday) will only help the fishing over the coming week. The upper rivers are still a bit muddy, middle to lower area is where the bait and jelly prawns are holding. Water temp in the broadwater is sitting around 20 degrees.

Broadwater catch
This beautiful tuskfish smashed the new Ecogear ZX43 lure

Best fishing days this week according to the almanac:

Saturday: 14

Sunday: 14

Monday: 14

Tuesday: 55

Wednesday: 66

Thursday: 20

Friday: 14

*This is just a prediction. There are many factors when it comes to fishing and fish are unpredictable at times, there are no exact guarantees. We include this just for fun and see how it plays out every week.

Charter options this coming week:

Tweed river:

Brad has one or two days possibly available. Waiting for direction on whether he can fish at Tweed, otherwise will possibly work Gold Coast.

Gold Coast:

Tuesday and Thursday still available, 

6 or 8 hour charter option covering Nerang river for big flathead, mulloway, giant trevally, whiting on lures and bait, or Gold Coast broadwater for variety of fish, squid, crabs.

SMS 0432 990 302 to book your charter adventure!

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