By Clint Ansell

There are plenty of squid to be caught at night with squid jigs along the Western shoreline of the broadwater. 

Here’s a great video by Dougie Burt:

This article however focuses on catching squid during the day on lures. During my charters on the broadwater, squid are a welcome bycatch. I go out looking for fish and often end up with 6-20 squid after a 6 hour session. 

The cooler months from May to October are prime months for them both in size and numbers, and the fishing is good then too. You can catch a healthy bag of flathead, flounder, whiting, squid for a fresh feed, all on lures.

The best areas to fish for them are around weed beds and reefy areas, and I catch them consistently at Runaway Bay, Currigee, Anglers Paradise, the area out from Seaworld boat ramp, Bums Bay, all along the main channel between Seaworld and Marina mirage, and along the Western channel between Southport jetty and Grand hotel.

The method is the same as my usual fishing, using Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki Vibelicious soft vibes. I drift in areas 2-8 metres deep at a speed between 0.6 and 0.9 knots while dropping lures to the bottom and teabagging. Ie. constant short and sharp upward flicks of the rod tip. In shallower water cast further from the boat while drifting. Don’t wind in, the longer the lures are in the water the better your results.

Fish are often an instant hook up but squid are a different story. You’ll often feel them grabbing then letting go of the lures, and it feels just like you’re catching on the bottom except for a slight downwards thump.

They will keep chasing until they get hooked so do not stop flicking until you feel they are properly hooked. Then keep the rod steady and just wind, using a landing net to grab them then straight in a bucket to avoid getting sprayed with ink.

As with any fishing, if you’re not getting bites keep moving until you do, and keep mixing up lure colours to discover what works on any given day.

You can also throw out a squid jig while fishing but I find I catch more on blades and vibes, because they get right amongst the weed beds, deeper drop offs, and reef patches and draw the squid out better during the day.

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