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27 April 2018 fishing report

Similar fishing to recent weeks, a lot of variety in the Gold Coast broadwater on blades and yabbies.

When using blade vibes good line quality is essential, the thicker, cheaper braids just don’t cut it at all. Their diameter creates more drag in the water thus making it harder for the lure to stay in the strike zone. If you’re not fishing on or very near to the bottom where the fish feed, you don’t get as many strikes.

Best colours are often greens and yellow shades in our local area.

There are still some good whiting around on the sand banks, they are often in very shallow water on an incoming tide. There are schools of tailor active and the squid will be more common soon. Last year we often had a squid jig out, but caught more of them on the blades.

Water temp is now around 23 degrees, bringing an early end to jack season. I remember catching a jack 5 May last year when it was warmer than now.

The middle to upper reaches of the tweed river are are fishing the best at present with some flatties schooling up around the shallow fringes of the banks and a few small GT’S which are great fun on light gear are busting up in the deeper holes.

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